Floor Care

Floor care is a key factor in the cleanliness of any commercial or industrial facility. From schools to warehouses, each floor requires cleaning and maintenance using appropriate cleaning products and equipment.

At Vanitorials, we are experts in floor cleaning and care. Our floor cleaning chemicals, machinery, brushes, mops and carpet care products can help to keep your floors looking their best. A large range of equipment is available to suit all your needs and requirements.

Reduce wear to floor surfaces with our selection of internal and external mat protection. If you require help or advice on maintaining your floors or other hygiene factors, please call the Vanitorials team on 01268 752224.

Jangro has also created a Floor Pad guide to help you choose which floor pad should be used depending on the floor type. Whether you need to strip, clean or polish your flooring, you can rely on our floor pads to work. We're experts in floor care for commercial, industrial and professional applications. Contact our friendly team today for assistance.

Click here to download your floor pad guide.